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PROFLEX Ankle Straps with AuxTech®

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2 ankle straps. Does not include buckle mounting screws.

Compatible with:
all Asymwrap and Fullwrap models (Black Label, Cleaver, Katana, Vice, DOD, Guild, 390 Boss, Brass, Crux, Flare)


Customer Reviews

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Gilles Momene
PROFLEX Ankle Straps with AuxTech

I got these as one of my original strap broke. Customer service were very helpful at helping me finding the right replacement set. They fit perfectly onto my 2012 SDS 360 BOSS Now I’m looking forward to snow season to start so I can use them. They do look do and match the colour of my binding.

Dan Berdusco

PROFLEX Ankle Straps with AuxTech™

Haven’t used them yet

They arrived in an undamaged package. They fit onto my 2012 SDS 360 Boss ankle straps, which required a fair amount of “convincing”. My best guess is that the 2012 version has a slightly wider ankle strap, and/or I’m a neophyte part installer.

I purchased these as a replacement for the old padded style which I managed to break (see pics). These ones seem much less susceptible to breakage than the previous style.

I was disappointed that when I ordered the ankle straps and the ankle buckles at the same time, I didn’t get the mounting screws for the ankle buckles. I solved the problem by removing the previous mounting screws and reinstalling with the same.

I also noted that the technology has apparently changed, and the straps no longer accommodate the rubbery band things that protrude from the old binding set to allow for ankle strap “snapback”.

I have yet to take the board for a test drive since install. But, I’ll be hitting Jay soon so, I’ll update my review once I get ‘er done.