rome party mod snowboard photo shoot in the studio of rome snowboards
mens all mountain snowboard photo shoot in the studio of rome snowboards
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rome mens freestyle snowboard photo shoot in the studio of rome snowboards
rome party mod photo shoot in the studio of rome snowboards

    State Champ of Loose Boardin’

    Voted ‘Most Likely to Nose Press the Bar Shirtless’ by its peers, the Party Mod is here for a good time no matter the conditions. This party revolves around a blend of a lively yet pressable flex pattern and the easy-going Contact Rocker profile. Mix ‘em together and you’ve got a board designed to be equally at home headbanging through the park or cranking sidecountry methods with a pocket full of road sodas.



    Flat camber between the bindings with rocker outside the bindings; smooth flexing and pressable.

    True Twin

    Boards built with fully symmetrical spec: sidecuts, flex patterns, camber profiles and nose and tail lengths.

    Carbon HotRods

    V-shaped carbon HotRods in the board’s nose and tail; next level snap and pop.

    Board Contents
    Impact Plates

    Built to lessen impact and dampen chatter, these woven glass plates are built under the board's insert pack.

    Biax Glass

    Fiberglass with two different axes, built to be more torsionally playful and flexible.

    SuperPop Core

    Our lightest and most responsive core, built with alternating strips of 10mm strips of poplar and 20mm strips of paulownia.

    Biax Glass

    Fiberglass with two different axes, built to be more torsionally playful and flexible.

    SinterStrong Base

    The new go-to, this hardworking base is easy to fix with great wax retention. A low maintenance daily driver for riders of all ability levels.



    Board Size Finder

    Not sure of the best size board for you? Give us your boot size and weight and we'll let you know. If you're still not sure, you can contact an expert for advice anytime here.

    Boot Size:


    PARTY MOD Specs

    SIZE (cm)     153 156 159 157W
    CONTACT LENGTH (mm)     1122 1150 1178 1159
    EFFECTIVE EDGE LENGTH (mm)     1192 1220 1248 1229
    WAIST WIDTH (mm)     252 254 256 265
    TIP WIDTH (mm)     293 296 298 307
    TAIL WIDTH (mm)     293 296 298 307
    SIDECUT (m)     8 8 8 8
    REF. STANCE SETBACK (mm)     0 0 0 0
    INSERTS     2x4x12 2x4x12 2x4x12 2x4x12
    MIN REF. STANCE WIDTH (mm)     493 493 519 493
    MIN REF. STANCE WIDTH (inches)     19 19 20 19
    MAX REF. STANCE WIDTH (mm)     613 613 639 613
    MAX REF. STANCE WIDTH (inches)     24 24 25 24
    WEIGHT RECOMMENDATION     69 75 81 84

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Robert Stearn
    Party Mod 156

    Hands down the most fun board I’ve ever owned.

    Kristan Reutlinger
    Amazing Board

    Such a unique and fun board underfoot. The flat to rocker combo makes butters a breeze & it sits down nicely on rails. Lot's of pop, but missing the explosiveness of a true camber board. Rides well at all speeds, but on choppy East Coast days, you can really feel the vibration underneath. Definitely one of my favorite boards in my quiver! Fun, playful, and good in all conditions!

    Damien Jeanson
    Awesome freestyle all-mountain board !!!

    I already got a Stale Mod and I wanted a more playful board for smaller mountains, slower speed riding and messing around buttering and jumping.
    The Party Mod delivers that for sure and even surprised me as how stable it is. The best feature for me and what separate it from the rest of flat to rocker board is the incredible amount of pop on the tips. Pop is not far from my Stale Mod which is full camber and so easy to extract that I feel that I’m jumping higher on side hits. What an awesome fun board !

    Gaelen Mast
    Turn the mtn into your playground

    I’m primarily a park rider, however the mountain I ride at doesn’t have a huge park scene so I’ve always leaned towards boards that are more of an all-mountain/park hybrid. I did a lot of research before deciding on this board and I’m so stoked I got it! It’s definitely a solid park board with a ton of pop to it and a lightweight core which makes it super easy to get it into the air off of jumps or onto rails. It’s super stable and I had no problem taking it off of 20-30 footer kickers! The place this board really shines though is making the whole mountain into a fun zone. It’s stiff enough that you can carve pretty hard or ride turbulent terrain without much trouble but at the same time it’s got a solid flex in the tips which makes it amazing for butters if you know how to get your weight out over the tips. With this board every side hit, roller, and slow sign is now a viable feature and the average groomer trail is super fun! I also love the squared off nose and tail and the overall look of the board! Haven’t tested it in powder yet and while I can already tell you it’s not the “go-to” powder board, I do think it’ll handle nicely due to its stiffer flex underfoot and rocker tips. Overall an amazing all-mountain board with a nice freestyle flair to it!

    matthew schram
    Sick powder twig

    This thing rips. That's all I gotta say.