rome service dog snowboard photo shoot in the studio of rome snowboards
rome service dog mens snowboard photo shoot in the studio of rome snowboards
rome mens snowboard photo shoot in the studio of rome snowboards
mens freeride snowboard photo shoot in the studio of rome snowboards
rome service dog photo shoot in the studio of rome snowboards

    Tail wagging good times

    Feeling anxious about getting first tracks? Look no further than your new best friend, the Service Dog. This directional pow hound is built to float, slash and chase good times all over the hill thanks to Directional Diamond 3D, plenty of taper and a stable yet pressable flex pattern.


    Designed for all-mountain prowess and float in the deep. Rockered in the nose, flat under the front foot, with a positive cambered tail.


    Taper 20mm

    All-mountain marauders.

    Taper is featured in directional boards built with wider noses than tails, helping with agile turns and added float in deep snow.

    Diamond 3D

    Designed to increase float in deep snow, improve handling in variable terrain, smooth turn initiation, reduce edge catch and complement all-mountain riding in all-senses.

    Bamboo HotRods

    One single rod of bamboo milled into the board's core in the nose for pressability and playfulness.

    Board Contents
    Triax Glass

    Fiberglass running in three different axes, built for torsionally rigidity and added snap.

    Stomp Core

    Our most stable and predictable core, built with 100% poplar construction.

    Biax Glass

    Fiberglass with two different axes, built to be more torsionally playful and flexible.

    Powerslide Base

    A new base material that features improved wax absorption, increased durability and the most bang for your buck.



    Board Size Finder

    Not sure of the best size board for you? Give us your boot size and weight and we'll let you know. If you're still not sure, you can contact an expert for advice anytime here.

    Boot Size:



    SIZE (cm)     148 153 157
    CONTACT LENGTH (mm)     1016 1062 1099
    EFFECTIVE EDGE LENGTH (mm)     1106 1152 1189
    WAIST WIDTH (mm)     263 265 268
    TIP WIDTH (mm)     313 318 321
    TAIL WIDTH (mm)     293 298 301
    SIDECUT (m)     7,32 / 6,52 7,62 / 6,82 7,86 / 7,06
    REF. STANCE SETBACK (mm)     20 20 20
    INSERTS     2x4x12 2x4x12 2x4x12
    MIN REF. STANCE WIDTH (mm)     468 493 493
    MIN REF. STANCE WIDTH (inches)     18 19 19
    MAX REF. STANCE WIDTH (mm)     588 613 613
    MAX REF. STANCE WIDTH (inches)     23 24 24

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Not ridden yet

    Since Rome keep e-mailng me, wanting me to rate the board I give this.
    After a ridicolous amount of research I have found this to be my next board. I only have 6 days on a snowboard but with som skills from skateboard och surfing it was pretty easy to get the hang of snowboarding and the style I want to focus on. Mostly turning, cruising and carving. If I will be lucky of course some pow-surfing =) With my research (several hours reading and watching reviews and info about shapes, flex, effective edge and radius and what not) and so little actual experience on a snowboard this happened to be my choice. I had my eys on other more aggressive carving boards it was some volume shifted and some traditional boards. But only directional, tapered, pow boards with set back and carving ability. When I first saw the Rome Stalefish it was very obvious this is it. That was my choice, BUT Rome have/had a good price on last years Service Dog which looks better, a bit softer flex which I think might be good for me as an advanced beginner but still a board that "carves phenomenal well" (Angry snowboarder) this was like an easy choice all of a sudden.
    Next season I will find out. I am going to match it with a pair of new burton cartel reflex bindings. Give me best of lucks, not much time to try different boards as a father of a 8 month old shredder to be. Feel free to ask any thing - I still have the time to nerd the facts and to put 1+1 together.
    Cheers mate!

    Jeremy Nijkamp
    Excellent versatile board

    Originally was looking at the StaleFish but ultimately decided on the ServiceDog because of the softer flex rating. My sister has a Party Wave and my friend a Slush Slasher but I decided on the Rome Service Dog because compared to their other boards the Service Dog can kind of do it all and in my opinion. It can be ridin everyday whether it's on groomers resort riding, pow days or party board type days.

    I ride a 153 and I am 5'8 at 180 pounds and works well for me. I will say does feel like it rides like a 155 which is neither a bad or good thing, just something I noticed. That being said I'm a believer in its less the length and more looking at your riding style and weight for board size.

    The top sheet on this board is a beautiful gloss finish and I know it's durable because I let my friend take it for a lap while filming. Not knowing he was going to crash into me from behind and while his jones top sheet(I was riding) got totally screwed up the one front nose corner of the Service Dog slightly pulled up and is barely noticeable with no structural damage to the core.

    I paired mine with the Union Strata(mini disk) for extra flex and a Crab Grab(dog bone shape) stomp pad to match.

    Let the Service Dog Guide You

    This board is extremely fun and capable. It's first voyage was at night in highly variable "cripsy-breaded" dust on crust. I think night riding tends to make you rely a little less on your eyes and tune in to how the board and snow feel. This deck was, from the first run, super confidence inspiring. It floated effortlessly in the deep/heavy stashes in the trees, stayed sure-footed blasting through torn-up chunder, and didn't punish me for laying into a turn on what looked like a side pow-pocket that turned out to be solid ice. I am a huge fan of the versatile directional tapered board shape. The bit of camber on this, combined with the nose rocker, really sealed the deal for me. The nose is especially fun to press and flex around on, but is also a huge help when you speed up and need to rely on it to hold an edge. I spent a little time riding switch as well: not a problem. I'm an aging lifer and am not setting up switch up for 40 foot tabletop jumps. You will be fine landing fakie or riding switch here and there. Lastly, I had never ridden a significantly short tail before, and I was surprised at how hard it could pop ollies, along with how cooperative it was when I landed weight-too-far-back a few times; it landing-geared me right out of trouble. This dog is for you.

    Nick Gering

    From the first turns you'll know this is a deck, built to shred and destroy anything in your way. Basically bomb proof & nothing short of absolute fun. I love the poppy feel and pressability of the big spoon nose. Better yet you can rip this thing like a bat outta hell. Textbook perfect powabunga shred stick.

    daniel ranson
    Powder board!

    Great price point for a pow board.