Celebrate 20 years of the Rome
Snowboard Design Syndicate
with this capsule collection.

As the legend goes, the winter of 2001 was one for the record books. Deep, frozen days pervaded the calendar as winter held Vermont tightly well into spring. Perhaps it was a moment of clarity brought by the epic season, but something was stirring. In May of 2001, an idea was born.

This idea was rooted in disruption, creative collaboration, and taking the divergent line. It was about letting riders guide the course rather than corporate greed. Like most great ideas, this one took time, planning, and the right people. In January of 2002, the idea had manifested. The Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate was born and our first collection burst onto the scene.

From that first collection on, the opinions and ideas of riders were always in the driver’s seat. Whether it’s the idea behind a board’s shape, the story behind a graphic, the act of living out of a board bag for a season, or perhaps even the late-night debates about what constitutes a proper method; ideas and opinions like these are what this brand was built on.

The 22/23 collection marks 20 years of this idea being brought to life. 20 years of Disruption by Design, 20 years of heeding the call, and living in pursuit of the next great day. 20 years of the idea of keeping snowboarding at the core of every decision we make.

Join us as we celebrate 20 years of this idea and how it has guided this brand and thousands of riders around the world.

From 2001 till infinity, thanks for rocking with the Syndicate.

All Ways Down.

20th Anniversary Collection Logo

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate, we are stoked to re-release one of the most iconic Agent graphics by the Neasden Control Center. The collection also feature the original 390 colorway, a basic hoodie, long sleeve and a cap.