It’s the moment of complete weightlessness at the peak of an ollie, the sensation and satisfaction from a locked-in press, the split-second between burying an edge into a deep drift and watching it explode. That freedom, that momentary escape, that second of pure kinetic energy; that’s all that matters.

This season we went back to the drawing board. We questioned, debated, doodled, shaped, overhauled, nitpicked, organized and reorganized time and time again. In the end, we created a hardworking, versatile collection inspired by the freedom of escape.

Snowboarding has always been about the freedom of doing things your own way; ride a soft board in powder, run your ankle straps at the top of your boots, tighten your boots till you can’t feel your toes, hell, who needs gloves? Escape from expectations. We designed this collection to make every turn, every landing, every tweak, every momentary escape, as satisfying as possible. No matter how you ride it.

We are the SDS and this is the next chapter of our disruption by design. Built by the Syndicate, ridden by Everyone.


We believe snowboarding is a passion worth pursuing at all costs.


We make gear that lets you stomp deep landings, tweak harder, or simply stay on hill longer.


Born of Do It Yourself mentality, a love for snowboarding, and the good times it brings, we believe anything is possible with hard work and creativity.