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Bennet Giblin
Great bindings

I have had these bindings for two years and absolutely love them. They are great for all kind of writing is the perfect stiffness I absolutely love them on the rome ravine and or the stale a crewzer. They are very versatile binding and I have no complaints they are awesome

Great fit and feel

I received these boots a few days ago and put them on immediately and they feel great - snug but not too tight, and no pinch points anywhere. The inner liner appears to be extremely mould-able which should provide for a responsive boot. They also look great! Rome customer service was also on point with my online order - they definitely went the extra mile in helping me order these boots.

Party Mod
Easiest 5 stars I’ve given.

Rode this board(157W) last season and for a couple trips on a glacier in slush this summer. I’ve tried park boards, powder boards, all-mountains, skis, and this board does it all, better. Deep slush, you bet you can still carve, hard ice, damn right, carve. It just won’t skip a beat. This board kept me planted and I could feel exactly what my board was doing. It’s just a great time to ride, effortlessly.

Best straps ever

Ordered the progrip toe and the ultra light ankle, wish I could get these straps on all bindings

Jeremiah reimer
Great boards

I bought a board for my brother and he says he loves the response it gives. I tried it and I say it's a really good board. The base is the best I've ever seen

Bryan Duncan
Artifact 152w

Best park board I’ve ever ridden! Love the pop and profile of the board.not too stiff not too loose.perfect for cruising around the mountain as well!looking forward to trying out the artifact pro next season to see how it is compared to the artifact

Best Binding since Years

Die Katana ist eine der Besten Snowboardbindungen auf dem Markt und das seit Jahren.
Wer viel verschiedene Gelände fährt kommt um die Katana nicht drum herum.
Sie ist von der Technik her super ausgereift und man hat sau viele Einstellmöglichkeiten.
Somit ist die Bindung auch für jedes Terrain geeignet, man muss sich nur mit ihr auseinander setzen und sich die Mühe machen die Einstellung zu ändern.
Ich sag nur.....Perfekt !!!!

Oscar Azevedo
Solid but not too solid

I love Rome bindings for their strength and customization possibilities. I love the 390s and I think the Targa is too stiff for me. The DOD gives me a little extra support that the 390s don't without feeling too solid and clunky like the Targa makes me feel. YouTube video placeholder
Fast pow pow power riding stick

This board is a great whip! Yes a 162cm that holds an edge and can’t stop whip’n it self through powder with the best of them! First directional board I have had in a real long time. Surprised with the versatility of this board. Picture my best powder day last year at Revelstoke first chair into the back bowl for deep with a few clify drops and no nose dives! Lapped that a few times then the afternoon was pillow lines under the gondola and manoeuvred it self through the conifers of gnarnia like a the playful unit it ‘tis!

Late in the season I ran it through an icy, tight banked Solomon for the triple plank at Mt.Wash. The ability for this unit to hold edge on to the coastal island snow/slush/ice blew my mind?

So the only thing that is holding back from 5 stars is it de lamed behind the back binding but our friends at Rome are taking care of it. Great job on the board team Rome! It’s like surfing the mountain on this stick!

Andy Gonzalez
National board

I've been a snowboarder for about 10yrs now, I've tried out many brands of boards but I always kept coming back to Rome boards. Honestly one of the best board brands I've came across, everything about it light weight, design, binds, etc. All have been reliable, long lasting and just a great feeling when shredding down the slopes. Friends of mine that have also been snowboarding as much as me love using my national board that I bought last year 2021, they asked if they could borrow my board even when they just bought there's because of how smooth and easy control they have over their boards. I can honestly say without a doubt that this board is for all level of riders, im doing tree runs and hitting the terrain park with easy.

Derek Chung
Great adjustable bindings

I've been using my Rome bindings for a bunch of years and recently had to replace the straps. Super happy with the options online so I didn't have to replace the entire bindings which I love the adjustability and stiffness. The new straps were easy and quick to swap out and I can't wait to get back on them next season

Beauty of a board

Can’t wait to go down the slopes on this gorgeous thing

Michael Bouquard
Rome National is a Vermont Killer

The Rome Nation is my go to for any conditions and or terrain. Holds an edge, snap and pops. Vermont Killer.

2022 Ravine Select 158

This board rips the Monashee terrain like no other. Armpit deep landings are what it enjoys. Super sketchy backcountry run-ins are the only thing listed under experience on its Linkedin account. Blowing past its friends on a straight flat ski run is a given. Pops higher than a lower back blackhead after a long day tying rebar. And sure, if methods over Jerrys isn't enough it has all the landing equipment on board to land any trick you throw at it. Even if it's to the flat.

Black Label
Bryce Ramsdale

Rome makes some of the most high quality bindings out there. All the unique styles of the bindings are phenomenal. The bindings are very comfortable and easy to strap up and go. Get yourself a pair of Rome sds bindings, you won’t be disappointed.

Joyce Chung
Great Bindings

Got the Rome Katana bindings, and safe to say they are the best bindings I have ever had. No clicking or discomfort, overall a great upgrade with a sturdy, reliable binding.

Stale Fish
Navid Javan
Best boards, boots and bindings

I’ve been riding rome completes for the last 10+ years. Every year there is marked improvement over the previous models. The stale fish I rode during the last season is the best powder board I’ve ever tried, it made for a completely different riding experience. The gang plank is the best park/jib board ever. Someone in R+D needs to start making some splitboard bindings though. Amazing warranty program

Black Label
Don D.
Black Label

Frap has perfected the binding.I have riden a rachet strap binding for 30 years and have been a ROME customer from 2001. Frap and his design team have put together a binding that is built for the 100 day rider.Someone that is willing to put money out for the best materials and design.I can not say enough about comfort and performance and durability

Remi Pronovost
Katanas - best bindings I’ve had

I’m on my third set of Katana Bindings and love them. Most confortable binding I’ve had. So many adjustments possible to make it perfect. It’s flexible enough to ride it all day, and anywhere, no pressure points and yet responsive enough to perform well in most conditions and environment.
Two side notes however: Previously those were supplied with padded ankle strap which I like better for comfort and options of flat or canted footbed were provided in the box. Now only canted footbed is provided whereas I prefer flats. Both the straps and footbeds can be purchased separately but not always available in stock and are extra expenses compared to previous years.

Most fun I've ever had on a directional board

Bought this as my first non twin in 10 years to be a pow/freeride deck and it might just replace my twin. For me, this strikes the right balance of aggressive enough for big terrain and leaned over carves but doesn't bite your head off if you aren't on your a-game and I barely notice the taper riding switch. 6' 180 lbs and I went with the 158, I think it is the right size for a freestyle/freeride oriented all mountain deck. If you are ok with stiff and wide and want a dedicated pow/big mountain performance deck I might say go up a size from that. Board ridden with Rome Katana bindings and 32 TM2 XLT's, I wouldn't want to step down on the binding stiffness at all unless I had a stiffer boot.

Michael Gross

This is my favorite board to ride, the last three snowboards I've bought have all been Agents. I'm an all-terrain sort of rider, I like to go almost anywhere but don't spend any time in the park. This board is great for me because it can do everything that I like to do and handles it well.

Bodega Lace
kevin anderson
Bodega Lace

The Bodega Lace boots are the first pair of Rome boots I've had. I wore them 75+ days in the 21-22 season. I purchased online without even trying a pari on and they fit true to size and were immediately to no break in period. I found them easy to lace and they stayed tight and were relatively warm on the cold days. I found them great for freestyle riding and did fine on pow days also. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Maria Patricia Garrido

The bamboo fiber are incredible for jumping.

Stale Fish
Yashar Abrahimzadeh
Stalefish is a sick board!

Got the 155 Stalefish as my new pow board and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Amazing float in powder and nimble in the trees. Also a hard charger on groomers with catch free edges. I’d definitely recommend this board for powder or an all mountain quiver killer.

Rome Snowboards

I have been on the Stalè Crewzer for the past 2 season and it is the only board I will ever trust to give me the confidence I need In the jump line, rail line and I’m the deep powder of the back bowls. Rome snowboards are an amazing board.