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It’s a fun board but not made to last

I have used the Rome artifact board not even for one season. It is fun in the park and does ok at high speeds. The warranty is terrible. I fell going less than walking speed and hit the edge of my board on the seam which split the board. I requested a warranty because if it had hit on the exact same spot on the other side without the seam it would not have split. The only thing customer service said they would do is give me 10% off the next board. I already spent $1000 on a setup with Rome. I am pretty disappointed in them. Also I have the 390 boss bindings. They look cool and are very adjustable, but they will fall apart on you. I have lost straps and major screws in the bindings as well as having to tighten every screw every other time I ride. Would not recommend to others unless you have an excess of money to replace it every year.

Stale Crewzer

Just bought a Stale Crewzer! Awesome board I’m extremely happy! Many thanks to the team in VT that set me up!

Kilian Sachse
Rome Black Label issue solved

Had a broken Highback on my Black Labels. Contacted the support and they were keen to get me a replacement. Although the black label Highback wasn't in stock, they offered me the cleaver Highbacks. I'm happy with my choice, bc they seem to be more rigid.

Good Spare parts for an oldschool binding

Excellent service, fast shipping to France. My old Rome 390 is new again for the next winter season!

Patrick Carroll
Rome Agent

Got my first Rome snowboard (Agent) back in 2004 while in high school. Since then it has always been my go to freestyle board in the quiver. After about 20 yrs of riding the heck out of it, it was time to retire that beast. To my surprise Rome released the 20th anniversary Agent board this season (wow does time fly by). Got the new Agent board and its better than ever. It’s got amazing playful response and perfect pop. Now this dad can continue hitting the park with his kids. Love snowboarding and all the amazing memories it has brought me and my family. Thank you Rome for being a big part of that!

Brandon Dyer
Rome party mod

Amazing board for riding every day if you work in the industry.

Fast shipping

Good job

Always a pleasure

Nice people, awesome products - nothing more to ask for!

Dope binding

Been riding for 20 years in many different terrains. These bindings are a solid choice and worth the coin. Heavy powder, steeps, groomers they handle it all with comfort. In and out is a breeze and sturdy enough to go where you want. Excellent product Rome 🔥

Great boards and super good customer service

The boards are fire so is the customer service. I do wish one of the wide boards was a little wider for the big footed shredders. But regardless the board and bindings I bought this year are off the charts. Also the hybrid boot option is great! I love the boots.

Tino Redon
Rome, the best brand

I Like Rome snowboards since I take my first board and bindings. You always can feel the diference VS another brands.
Rome suporter🤘

Andy Polanchk
Rome is the BEST!!!

Rome is a great product and has great customer service. Quick to respond and had what I needed shipped out to asap to keep me riding. Thank you Rome for helping me stay on the snow to keep enjoying your products.

Rome riding hoodie

The look of the hoodie is great and it is very warm and wind/waterproof. However, the quality leaves a lot to be desired. I have worn the hoodie 3 times now, and there are already holes in the lining of both armpits, and the clip to hold keys in the kangaroo pocket has already ripped on both ends after very light use.

20th anniversary agent

Brings me back...

Rome Agent 20th anniversary

Was recently looking for the 20th anniversary rome agent but there was some error with with website that wouldn’t show the board size I wanted in stock. I emailed Rome and asked and they got back to me incredibly fast and found that board right away and shipped it out to me.
I was out on it that next weekend and I’m totally in love with this board and the people at Rome. Thanks again for being so cool and making such a badass product.

Artifact Pro

I have been riding the artifact for the last few years and decided to make the switch to the artifact pro towards the end of this last season. little bit of extra stiffness feels great. Solid board all around! kills it in the park as well as with side hits and just general cruising around. 10/10 would recommend

ROME Rocks!

Long time rider and tried many diffrent types of boards from different brands throughout the years and always came back to Rome!

Always quality stuff

They make snowboards that feel unique compared to whats out there.

Pablo Caro
Best Bindings I’ve ever ridden

Got some 390 Boss Bindings this year to complete my new set up and they are by far the most comfortable bindings I’ve ever ridden!

Michael Rivera
Black Label Bindings

The Black Labels are hands down the best bindings on the market

Great addition for my travels

Fits my board proper. Excellent product.

Brittany S
Great upgrade

First new snowboard in 15 years and wow what a difference. Felt like I was flying and had so much control. Great upgrade.

Dillon Mailand
Stale MOD

Best park board I’ve had in awhile. Very sturdy with lots of pop. This is my second mod I’ve had and both haven’t let me down. Design is also one of my favorites.

First rome board

When i got my first rome snowboard i loved it instantly. i had been snowboarding for a while with other brands, but i know for sure my next board is going to be from rome to!

John Kennedy
154 Rome Agent

Picked up this deck out of pure nostalgia when they released the 20th edition graphic. It was my daily driver this past winter here in Utah and more than held up in a variety of conditions throughout the winter. Really fun, medium soft true twin. I hear the Pro model may be a bit stiffer next winter, which will make this thing really rip.