Boot Lacing.

BOA® Technology. The BOA® Advantage.

We designed our boot collection to work with specific BOA® Fit Systems to create seamless connections and easy on-the-fly adjustability. We use three different lacing BOA® Fit Systems to complement our boots intended flex and riding style.

Focus BOA®

H-Series Upper Dial
M-Series Forefoot Dial

Dual zone lacing where the upper and lower zones overlap at the ankle for maximum adjustability, support and connected-comfort

Hybrid Heel Lock BOA®

M-Series Heel Lock Dial

Advanced heel hold and ankle support to complement hybrid lacing systems

Single Dial BOA®

H-Series Tongue Dial

Quick adjustments and snug fit thanks to the Coiler™ technology system.

TX3 Laces.

Designed with slightly more give than wire laces, TX3 Laces are a textile lace which is better for impact and provides a ‘true to riding’ flex.