Rene Rinnekangas in 'Sugared'

Rene Rinnekangas in 'Sugared'

Sugared is why we need full-length snowboard video releases

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Sugared is the reason why we still need full-length video releases in a world of straight-to-Instagram clips and immediate gratification. Sure, it took creative duo Rene Rinnekangas and Anton Kiiski a lot of hard work to put the video together over four months of bleak post-Covid winter. But their determination shows through in this release, with exciting spot selections and Rene’s sophisticated approach to snowboarding.



At 22 Rene has achieved more than most. With an X Games Real Snow 2020 gold medal and now his own full-length video release, you might be forgiven for feeling a little envious. He shows us snowboarding through fresh eyes, seeking out everything from exciting lines through the trees, to bouncing off the heads of statues out in the streets.

The video is divided by Anton into two parts and is shot masterfully. He takes the time to linger on the bright colours of the mountains at Riksgränsen as well as on long shots of slams against the backdrop of an epic, white expanse. The tracking shots that get right under the action are impressive, as is the use of a fisheye lens to drag the gorgeous landscape into the shot, pushing our noses right up against the mountain’s face.

“The sun is going down behind the mountains in that final fisheye shot of the backcountry section. It was the last try before sunset,” says Anton. “It was one of my favourite shots from the whole trip”.

For the second half we’re out in the streets with some soundtrack lyricism that is meant to tug at the heartstrings. There are death-defying wallrides, roof drops, and vast gaps onto handrails. The meat of the edit comes from a productive filming ethic.

“You’ve been building up the spots for days before you get the chance to hit them,” says Rene. “Straight after there might be half an hour of light left and you try to do the trick so you can move on to the next spot. When you are in that mode you want as much as possible from the session”.

With shots of Rene lying on his back in an expanse of water Anton conjures a slightly surreal tone, not unlike something out of a Polar Skateboards release. “I have been a big fan of Polar since Pontus Alv started making the early videos”, says Anton. There is certainly an ambience in this edit, created by the editor’s willingness to let shots linger on, as well as to include fast-paced action with clips of Rene being towed in by a speeding vehicle.

What’s up next for the duo? Possibly, more of the same. “Full-length movies are the best,” says Anton. “People are tired of short videos and there is so much content on Instagram. People want the movie theatre experience. That’s the way I want to go in the future.”

Rene's go-to boards for the movie were the Freaker and Stale Mod, paired with the 390 Boss bindings.

Rome Freaker Snowboard
Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Binding
Rome Stale Mod Snowboard
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